Constructive Creativity

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Three Faces of Me

I seem to be writing everywhere except in my own blog these days. So, its definitely time that some signs of live stirred here once again. :) In the past couple of months, two of my friends asked me if I was on Facebook. Well, I am not, and I don't have a burning desire to be there. I have been listed on a similar sort of venue called Orkut for a few years, but I only occasionally drop in there to visit a few old friends. Anyway, I have decided to give myself a facial presence here, in addition to the already "book like" qualities of my blog. ;)

First up is a picture of tiny me with my paternal grandmother. Her name was Reta. Out of all my relatives, save my mother, she showed me more love than any other. I grew up far from all my grandparents, and I only had the chance to see any of them about once a year, at most. I think that grandparents can be a very important influence on a child's development, and I really wish that I could have spent more time with mine. Reta was the last of my grandparents to pass away. She died about three years ago, and I still miss her very much.

Well, here I am again, this time somewhere between age two and three. At that time, I had blond hair and blue eyes. I really don't know why my hair was so light then. As the years past, my hair darkened to brown and then to nearly black, while my eyes changed from blue to a mix of dark green and brown.

First, let me say that this is not a recent picture of me. However, it is the best picture that I have of me as an adult. I haven't taken a really good picture in a number of years. Often when I smile, it is more of a half smile, with half of my face seeming happy and the other half seeming frowny. ;) I still look much the same as this picture, but my hairline has receded a bit and I have a few gray hairs. I have been thinking of having a professional portrait done. If I had some help to look and smile my best, I think that I might get a picture that I can be happy with once again.

I have other pictures of me during my child and teen years, but none of those are digitized. Perhaps I will scan a few of them sometime. Well, for those of you who have never seen me, I hope it has been a pleasant surprise. ;) For those of you who I have never seen, I would be happy to view some pictures of you if you would like to share them. :)