Constructive Creativity

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Poetic Naïveté

Hello my friends. I have been away from my blogospheric home for more than two months now. "Bad Host!", as my friend Melantrys might say. ;) I suppose that my absence can be traced to an ebb in my creative energies combined with simply spending my blogging time out and about visiting and commenting. Well, as I do not wish to be a perpetual vagabond, always enjoying the fruit of other people's labor, while sharing none of my own, its about time that I hosted a gathering here at my abode. We shall sing songs and play games! We shall eat and drink to our heart's content! A bit later, cake and ice cream will be served! Ahhhh... sorry, I guess I got a bit carried away there. ;)

Last night I was going through a large stack of very old papers and memorabilia when I came across some poems that I had written for one of my Junior High English classes. I knew that I had the poems, but I hadn't seen them in years. Some of you may remember my little
Poetic Interlude from July of last year. These poems are much simpler, and probably more open and honest, as the thoughts of 12 year old child are prone to be. They are not monuments of literary accomplishment (well, neither was my Interlude ;) ), however they were fun to read once again, and they reminded me of the wide-eyed wonder with which I once beheld the world. Here now are a few of those poems. I hope you will enjoy them.

The Sea

The wonderful sea:
Tides rolling, never stopping,
Forever changing.

The Sky

The beautiful sky:
A heavenly paradise,
Always to behold.


The rain is falling,
Little drops of nature's tears,
Blinding to my eyes.

Birds on High

Soaring, soaring, wild and free,
Above the treetops they were meant to be.
Flying, flying, high above the land,
Even they could be a reckless band.


A frog may be lumpy, bumpy, and ugly,
But he fits in the environment quite snuggly.
He creates a food chain all of his own,
Even though sometimes he might be prone,
To eat things that are mostly buggly.