Monday, August 01, 2005

The Pilot

Recently, I had a discussion with my friend Tsul Trim that included my mentioning that I wanted to be a pilot when I was a kid. I said that after I got my first pair of glasses, someone told me that people with glasses could not be pilots and that I was very disappointed when I heard that! Well, Tsul Trim is a very good artist and she is also an art teacher for young children (her blog includes examples of her own excellent paintings and the paintings of her students, as well). So, she suggested that I should draw myself as a pilot as a way to express my unfulfilled childhood desire. I said to her that I might try to do that, but first, I would have to find my inner child. :) I thought about it for a while, and finally I decided to accept her suggestion and make the attempt. However, I had not drawn anything other than engineering construction details for years. Also, I have never been much of an artist. Nevertheless, I got to work with a pencil, paper, and an eraser, labored (mostly erasing!) and brought forth my creation, hopefully for your viewing pleasure. The actual drawing didn't take that long, but I spent hours copying, scanning, and digitally correcting the image until what I could see on the computer screen was a close approximation of what I had drawn with my pencil. As you have probably surmised, a penciled drawing does not scan very well (at least, not on my scanner)!! So, without any further ado, I present to you "The Pilot" (please click on the drawing to see a larger image):


Blogger Jamak said...

This is so cool, glad that you took her suggestion which is a great way of expressing unfulfilled childhood dreams. I do that with dancing and photography.
The topography looks interesting and the fact that the pilot is standing up in the plane without a helmet and actually has locks=D)

8/01/2005 7:14 AM  
Blogger Tsul Trim said...

What a nice drawing ,dear pilot!
Is that Sherwood forest? ;)

Thanks for your approval :)


8/01/2005 10:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is great! look at all the detail...the landscape is beautiful and this is the happiest pilot I've seen! (Most pilots look too seriouse)I almost felt like waving back! You have talent for drawing I think.


8/01/2005 4:38 PM  
Blogger Sima said...

Thanks for inviting me to visit your blog and sorry I haven't had the chance to do so as often lately. This is a very impressive drawing. I can tell that you are an engineer... The plane is drawn very well.
I also wanted to send you my belated conddolences. It was a very touching story.

As for the adorable little baby duck... It was the sweetest story. I am glad that the little duck found a kind person to take care of him/her.

Take care,

8/01/2005 5:30 PM  
Blogger David said...

Jamak, I'm glad you like the picture. :) This pilot is definitely not safety conscious: no helmet, no seat belt, no parachute. Just wait until he does his upside down flying routine! :)

Robin joon! :)
The pilot is very pleased that you like his picture! You have guessed correctly, he is currently on a flying tour over merry old England and he just spotted a group of very merry men and women having a great feast in their favorite forest. :)

Pantea, thanks for your encouraging comment! I'm glad that you enjoyed my landscaping. The pilot is so happy because he has such appreciative fans. Btw, he thinks that the pool under the waterfall would be excellent for swimming! :)

Sima, it is so nice to hear from you. :) It may surprise you to know that most engineers these days can't draw much of anything! Mostly, they are only good for calculating. I'm glad that you like the pilot's fabulous flying machine! :) Thanks so much for your condolence and for your very nice comment about my recent guest.

8/02/2005 1:50 PM  
Blogger Dalia M. said...

this is a very nice drawing...


your blog is sooo nice...

8/02/2005 2:20 PM  
Blogger David said...

Dalia, thank you very much! I think that you have a very nice blog, too. :)

8/03/2005 1:18 AM  
Blogger jarvenpa said...

David, I followed your link from a comment you made on baghdadgirl's site (her little cats always cheer me up). Your pilot drawing is delightful; it reminds me a little of The Little Prince. My dad was a pilot in the AF; while he was dying he said he'd been very lucky to have spent much of his life being paid to do what he loved (he flew Air Rescue). But in midlife he got arthritis in his hands, and a desk job.
Your other entries are also interesting; I'll try to check back from time to time. Sorry about your friend Katie.

8/04/2005 11:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey David, thanks for the email, I'm back in Iran now and thats why I don't update my blog. I think your drawing is very good and kind of unique, I have never seen anyone fly a plain like that! take care, and I will be back soon. :)

8/05/2005 9:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The above comment is mine and I'm Ameer! sorry forgot to write my name.

8/05/2005 9:57 AM  
Blogger David said...

I really like Raghda's cat pictures, too! I'm glad you enjoyed my picture. :) It is always good to be able to do what one loves, and to be involved in something noble, as your father was, makes it all the more special. Thanks for visiting and for your kind thought regarding Katy.

Hi Ameer, you are welcome. I hope you are enjoying your visit to Iran! Glad you like my pilot. I have never seen anyone fly a plane like that either! This drawing is definitely fanciful! :) I will look forward to your return.

8/06/2005 11:49 PM  
Blogger Khodadad said...

Good Job David! For someone who "has now drawn" for a long time, you did a great job, particularly on the background detail.

I wonder what I should draw... I wanted to be an archaeologist when I was about 12, and my mom was very serious when she told me that I must be mad!:D

I was not under any impression of being like Indiana Jones and having people call after me with "Indieee, Indieee" :P. I was rather dorkish about it and wanted to really dig the ground. I suppose if I draw it, it would not be really distinguishable from a construction worker! So, I will let this one fantasy rest 'til I gain better drawing skills.

Thanks for the post.

8/07/2005 4:39 PM  
Blogger David said...

Thanks Khodadad! :) Also, thanks for sharing your childhood dream. I think the people would call after you with "Khodyyy, Khodyyy". ;) Hey, why don't you take an archaeology class or get involved with a dig as a volunteer? I think you would have more fun doing it than drawing it. :) When I was studying anthropology, every year there were digs at a major site near the University of Alabama. Up until about 800 years ago the site was a very large Mississippian settlement. There are still hundreds of huge earthen mounds that were constructed by hand from basket after basket of earth. The tallest mound is about 100 feet high! I was interested in helping with a dig, but there was always something else to do. Now, I regret not participating. Those ancient Native Americans made some really exquisite pottery. Who knows, I might have found a new piece that hadn't seen the light of day for 1000 years!

8/09/2005 12:33 AM  
Blogger Lavinia said...

That is a really happy picture. It shows that even if its not in the way you expect, dreams can come true.

As a former glass-wearer I can sympathise. Thank goodness for contact lenses huh?

8/10/2005 7:51 AM  
Blogger David said...

Lavinia, glad you enjoyed the picture. :) I have had contact lenses for many years now. They have allowed me to do many things that were made much more difficult by glasses like playing various sports or working outdoors in the heat. For me, it wasn't so much an appearance issue, glasses were just so inconvenient!

8/11/2005 1:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi David, Now that I am a post-defense blogger, I actually remembered your mentioning the pilot! So I come here and wowww!!! I love this drawing. I can tell that you are a very astute person who pays attention to fine details! I really do like the drawing. It's got life in it.

8/28/2005 10:37 PM  
Blogger David said...

Hi Koozeh, I am happy to have my post-defense friend visit once again! :) I am very pleased that you enjoyed The Pilot! You are right, I do tend to be very detail oriented. Sometimes that is an advantage which enables me to produce high quality work. Other times, it can be difficult to finish things in a set amount of time. However, I have learned to prioritize and I try to do the most important things first. Talking of important things, I need to write a new post!

8/30/2005 12:47 AM  
Blogger The Humanity Critic said...

Just passing through, I'm liking the blog by the way.

9/01/2005 3:07 PM  
Blogger Anar said...

David joon,

I fixed the link. thanks for pointing it out. Can I ask you a favor? Could you please let other bloggers(those you visit) know about this? We need as many signutures as we can get. I read your e-mail btw, couldn't agree more. Unfortunately I have come to the conclusion that media and many americans just don't considerthe value of one middle eatstern equal to one of western countries...

9/04/2005 2:31 PM  

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